HE/HIM | ENFP | Choleric | ARIES (3/29)
Salem my boyfriend <333 (4/14/15)
I'm a member of the NPG and am an Anthropology student. Je parle fran├žais aussi :) I like oldweb graphics and technicolor photographs. I draw for fun and do commissions to earn cash. I am located in NY and wish to live in the Adirondacks as a hermit. I like fashion and makeup, and try to incorporate that into my work. I love to listen to classic+prog rock and 90s r&b. I like to watch documentaries and vintage films, especially epics. I read a lot of classic novels, and my favorite author is Kafka. I like to post things about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Rupaul's Drag Race. I have a fursona, Misha, who I put a lot of time and effort into and love any drawings he gets! Feel free to ask me a question anytime, I'll try my best :)